The MostBirnHaus - House of the Most Pears

The MostBirnHaus is the first place to visit in the Mostviertel ("Most Quarter"). Be ready for a journey through the life of a pear and discover interesting facts about Most pears and the unique Pear Mosts. The varied interactive stations in the exhibition show everything you need to know about pears, Most and regional culture that young and old visitors enjoy alike. Afterwards, in the MostBirnHaus "Spezerei", the finest Most produced by  top producers in the Mostviertel await you. Don't hesitate to participate in Most tastings - we offer the largest range of Mosts in Austria!



Permament Exhibition: "Life of (a) Pear"

While moving through the exhibition inside the MostBirnHaus, you learn everything about the life of a pear, from its birth in a sea of white blossoms to the fine aromas it spreads in its finished form in an elegant stemware glass. After the introduction movie, follow through the different rooms and try your luck at our two interactive gaming stations. Pay a visit to Godmother's House and after the final movie you will find yourself back again in the Spezerei, where you can have a tasting of all kinds of different products, ranging from varietal Mosts, exotic spirits and fine pear vinegars to fruit mustards or different cheese and bacon variations - everything from the Mostviertel!

Duration: approximately 45 Minutes



The Moststrasse

The 200-kilometer-long Most Road (called “Moststrasse” in German) winds its way through Europe’s largest contiguous area of fruit-tree cultivation. Anyone who has driven, hiked or cycled along this road and into the countryside around it comes away delighted with the scenery and the venerable rows of pear trees, the picturesque villages and the imposing quadrangular farmsteads.

Most - A Unique Beverage

The local Mosts are unique in Europe. All the other fruit-growing regions on the continent tend toward rather sour-tasting ciders made from apples. Here in the Mostviertel, however, the preference is for mild, fruity ciders produced from pears. The Moststraße tourist route is a good place to enjoy Mosts. Or just to celebrate life in general.

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